Landscape Design Services

From a Master Landscape Design to an hourly consultation, Peach Landscape Designs provide a range of services to match your needs. Read more about each service below and then 'Get in Touch' to schedule a free phone consultation. 

Services areas: Portland/Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Yamhill County and North Marion County.


1. On-site Consultation

Not sure where to begin, or simply at a standstill with too many ideas and not enough focus. Spend a couple of hours working with a designer to discuss problem areas. Common areas of interest include how to get more out  of your garden space, screening of neighbors, creating a kid or dog friendly garden, naturescaping, water conservation, siting of a firepit and entertaining area, flower and edible gardens, low maintenance gardening and much more.


- notes and sketches from consultation

3. Master Landscape Design

A Master Landscape Design is a collaborative process that takes shape over a few weeks, with two to three or more onsite meetings. A to-scale base map forms the foundation on which concept ideas are shared and shaped with the homeowner, to create your ultimate landscape plan. Plant and tree selections are specified, along with a detailed planting plan and master list.


- on-site consultation meeting 

- site analysis

- site measurement and base map plotting 

- hand drawn conceptual designs

- plant list with full 2D planting plan

- 2 to 3 on-site meetings

- 2D CAD detailed Master Landscape Design

Hand Sketch_edited_edited.png

2. One-Day Garden Design

One-day Garden Design is a focused, highly collaborative approach to getting a landscape plan completed for your property. We will spend preparatory time sharing and discussing ideas. A follow-up on-site meeting (4-6 hours) works through design ideas to determine the best hardscape layout, and plant selection for you and your garden.

Front or back garden per design.


- site measurement and base map plotting (client can provide this if preferred)

- hand drawn designs

- plant palette and overview planting plan

- one 3-4 hour on-site meeting with owners

4. Design Installation Facilitator

 After you have a completed plan, we can help you facilitate the installation of your garden--whether you are installing the garden yourself or working with a contractor.


- on-site meetings with contractor to discuss proposals/bids 

- on-site meetings during installation to determine accurate plan to install details.

- plant layout

- plant selection and procurement services