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The foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea) in my garden have been in flower now for over a month. The blooms are slowly dying off from the bottom up, still giving a show from the flowers at the top of the stem. It is an easy plant to have in your garden. Does well in part-shade, not too fussy about soil type and creates a relaxed, woodland feel to your planting beds. Gets to about 2'-3' tall. Plus, I’ve been enjoying watching the insects crawl deep inside the tubular flowers.

It is most often a biennial, flowering every two years. It is self-seeder and if you want more, collect some of the seeds and spread in other areas of your garden. Worth mentioning that its leaves are poisonous so if you have animals that like to browse through your garden, find something else to plant. My goats regularly hurtle through this area (always uninvited) heading to prune my roses and have never shown an interest in the foxgloves. (Similarly, deer and rabbit leave it alone.)

This year I really enjoyed the massed planting of my white foxgloves, picking up on the white of my Mock Orange in the far background and the pinky-white blooms of the rose. The scent from these two shrubs has been lovely; the foxgloves scentless.

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