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Front Yard Pond Make Over

What has changed during the pandemic is that people have more time to think about their gardens and how they want to use them -- it's great to see garden transformations that in a non-Covid time would have been a low- or no-priority. I have seen an uptick in the amount of people contacting me for On-site Consultations where we meet to focus on how the homeowners can improve and update problematic areas of their gardens. Some people want to just talk plants, others need an improved garden layout, others want to install hardscaping areas for entertaining.

We talk. I share ideas and experience, recommendations and examples; and then from there I have seen the most wonderful changes happen!

One great example last week was when I had the pleasure of helping out with the layout and install of plants in a new front garden--the latest stage in the transformation from lawn and overgrown shrubs to the owner's fantastic vision of redesigning with native plants that will improve the local ecology.

We'd met twice earlier in the year for consultations to discuss ponds and plants, and this is where the changes began. In one day, Affordable Ponds, installed a cascading water feature with a small pebbly beach, that forms the focus of the entry and creates a great sound when you are sitting in the covered deck area.

Here's a photo of the pond completed, waiting for plants. People's energy for projects is infectious--this home owner has phased her approach, asked for help when needed and is creating an amazing garden in the process.

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